IT Saksharatha Mission (ITSM) is an autonomous body registered under Government of Kerala, under section XII/1955 for IT Resource Development and Training. Since inception ITSM is setting its footprint as the largest and widespread IT Resource Development Organisation, reaching out to remote locations in the state to ensure maximum outreach of basic Information Technology literacy.
ITSM aims at quality IT resource development, intensive and skill oriented training, self employment opportunity in the field of information technology and IT business incubation guidance. With affiliated training partners across Kerala, ITSM is one of fast growing non-profit organisations which assures a better and smarter tomorrow.

Committee Members for 2017-18

Shri. Ayyappan KN, Chairman
Shri. Premkumar P, Vice Chairman
Shri. Krishnan, General Secretary
Smt. Jayasree KV - Executive Member
Smt. Deepa C - Executive Memeber
Smt. Leela C - Executive Member
Shri. Padmakumar GN - Executive Member