Regular Programs Certification Programs
Diploma in Data entry and PC Operations (Data Entry) Diploma in Data entry and PC Operations - DDPCO (Data Entry)
Diploma in DTP (DDTP / DTP) Certificate in Desktop Printing - CDTP(ITWEP-SEP)
Computer Teacher Traning Course - CTTC (Teaching Course) Certificate in Logical Programming - CPL (Programming Logic)
Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) Certificate in Development Platforms - CDP (Development Platforms)
Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering - GDSE (Dual Certification) Certificate in Web Application Development - CWA (Web Application)
Honors Diploma in Software Engineering - HDSE (Dual Certification) Certificate in Mobile Application Development (Mobile Application)
Graduate Diploma in Animation Engineering - GDAE (Dual Certification) Certificate in Information Security and Coding Standards
Junior Diploma in Animation Engineering (JDAE) Certificate in MS Office - CMSO (MS Office)
Junior Diploma in Web Engineering (JDWE)
Graduate Diploma in Web Engineering - GDWE (Dual Certification)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Security (IT Security)
Diploma in Mobile Application Development - DMA(Mobile Application)
Master of Computer Science - MCS (Dual Certification)